Backing fabric MUST be 4 inches or more larger on EACH SIDE. No exceptions!  The additional fabric is needed to attach it to the quilt frame. Use a 1 inch seam allowance and press it open. Single piece wideback backing fabric, short nap Minkee, and flannel are OK.  Not crazy about fleece.


Press your entire quilt top and make sure the seams lay flat as possible.  Clip all the loose threads on the top and the dark threads on the backside.  STAY STITCH  1/8 from the edge all the way around the quilt top. It will prevent fraying and wavy borders.


 You can bring your choice of batting or purchase it from me. I stock Hobbs 80/20 in cream, white, and black, $11.00 per linear yard. The loft of the batt determines the texture of the finished quilting. Higher loft batts give a puffy look, and cotton batts give more of an antique look.


So Fine by Superior Threads 50# polyester

Glide by Fil Tec  40# trilobal polyester

Magna Classic and Glide Delight prewound bobbins.

$6.00 thread charge  

$2 charge per color change. 


 I schedule design consultations for each and every quilt that I accept. You will be choosing exactly what you want, where you want it, and in what color of thread!  Digital designs are available online by the thousands.  I have taken many design classes from industry leaders and innovators in the art of longarm quilting, and  I personally attend 5 or more quilt shows per year just to see what the rest of the quilt world is up to!